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What an incredible day. Kevin and Sara are such intentional, wonderful humans. And they had a beautiful wedding on a perfect day with so many friends. There are about 50 amazing things I’d like to single out from the day… like when Kevin seemed to actually float back down the aisle after the first kiss. Or when Sara’s dad gave an emotional speech about when he dropped her off at Hope college. Or the fact that the food was beyond amazing and the DJ only played curated songs from an amazing record collection. And of course, the fact that practically every part of the day was spoken in both English and Spanish. It was truly a unique and wonderful wedding. So so happy for Kevin and Sara. <3
Venue: Felt Mansion
Caterer: Mi Favorita
Coordinator: Jen Dornboos
Florist: Anna Speet
DJ: Wax Magic
Dress: Spring Sweet
And as always, it’s such a treat to see past brides and grooms at weddings! Special shout outs to Emily, Mario, Kailie, and Jack! <3


  1. Diane Timmer says:

    What beautiful work! Thank you so much.