gold streamers

These two! Wow!!! What a day! Emily, you were absolutely stunning with those flowers in your hair. And Zach, you were so much fun with your crazy groomsmen. The two of you are quite a pair.
Zach surprised his lovely bride with a vintage getaway car. After the two of them came running out of the church, and the confetti cleared the air, Emily spotted the car and burst into tears. What an exciting, memorable moment. Every bit of this day was packed with meaning, love, and laughter. I wish we could all do it again. <3

Church: Dimnent Chapel, Hope College
Venue: Windmill Island


  1. Janet Van Wieren says:

    You captured it all. Spot on. Thank you for all your talent and passion. The pictures are beautif

  2. Carol Tepatti says:

    What a lovely and memorable day for you all!!! I loved looking at the gorgeous pics and feeling like I was there. So happy for all!!