rose gold

While Elsa was getting ready, she stated that she and Steve know without a doubt that they were meant to be together. They know that God brought them together at the right time. And that was so evident throughout their entire day. These are two people who feel deeply and care so much about one another, that it completely overflowed during their wedding. There were a lot of beautiful tears shed throughout the day. Steve is a silly, sweet man with one heck of a smile. All the bridesmaids were calling him “the man with a plan” that morning. And Elsa is a radiant, loving, business woman. Together, they just make sense.
Elsa’s moment with her father in the morning was also something beautiful to witness. They were both in tears as Elsa read his letter. It’s obvious their family is very close. Oh! And every shot up above of Elsa holding someone’s hand (except the one where she’s clearly with Steve) she is holding the hand of her older sister Sonja. What a sweet family. This wedding was full of meaning and love. I’m so, so glad I got to be there. I hope the photos provide just a tiny glimpse into how special this day was.
Venue: The Cheney Place
Dress: Spring Sweet
Bridesmaid Dresses: Rent the Runway
Bridesmaid Cuffs: Pieces of Me (The Bride’s company! Check it out!)
Flowers: VS Flowers
Bride’s Makeup: franceskax