sushi please

And it’s Tori!!!! Ummmm she killed it!

I think this one is my fave! Her eyebrows are AMAZING! Tori, you’re adorable.

My abs still hurt from laughing with Tori and her mom the other night!
Tori you are such a hoot! I had so much fun with you. Keep laughing and being yourself. You’re such a joy!


  1. Lesa Johnson says:

    These are beautiful! Abs sore from laughing with Tori and Mom? Sounds about right! 🙂 Love the ones on the dock and all the pretty smile ones that light up the screen!

  2. Suzanne Charon says:

    These are amazing! You did a great job. You made the whole experience very fun and relaxing. Will definitely be recommending you to friends!