winning $35

On Saturday, Lauren and Mike were married! The day was so them and so beautiful. And it started with Lauren jumping on a bed, so you can’t beat that!

Time to get to the church!

All those buttons down the back of her dress had me in awe! 😮

Love this little glance between them!

They’re marrrrrrrried!

Nala has a dad!!!!

Beautiful ladies!

Is this one below my fave? I love it so much. Probably!

And then it just flew right off! Hahaha!

One of the highlights of the day was as we walked up to the beach and a little boy walked up to Mike and thanked him for his service. There was a tear in Lauren’s eye and it was just a really good moment. <3 Thank you for your service, Mike!

And then things got crazy!!!

These flowers. Were. Out. Of. This. Worlddddddd!

Here come the guests!!

Mike and Lauren were so ready to party with everyone they love!

Such fun shoes. Especially since her new last name is Rose!

Mike and Lauren, you two are simply wonderful. You are the life of the party. When Lauren started jumping on the hotel bed, I knew it was going to be a fantastic day. I hope the photos help you to relive the day over and over. A huge thanks to Boatwerks for always being an amazing reception venue. And another shout out to Mark Dykema for being my incredible second shooter. Several of the images above are his. 🙂 Wooooot! Marriage is wonderful!