speed limit

Last Friday, Matt and Alyssa had a beautiful wedding in Grand Rapids. It was cloudy, cooler, and all around perfect.

This dress!!!!! I couldn’t love it more!!

I’d say these ladies were just a little excited!

Writing one another letters is one of my favorite new wedding traditions.

To the blue bridge!

This group was fantastic and smiled their faces off, even in the crazy wind!

President socks! I’ve never seen these before!

Okay.. see?!?! Her dress is magic!

Matt and Alyssa. You’re so dreamy.

Hitch-hiking! Just kidding!

Run, bro, run! This one cracks me up!

Seymour Christian Reformed Church is BEAUTIFUL. Also, I definitely grabbed one of their pens out of an office to cross off my family picture list… and forgot to put it back. Turns out it’s like a super beautiful engraved pen that I now feel obligated to mail back to them! 😮 Oops!!

One of the best bubble exits I’ve experienced.

Both Matt and Alyssa are eye doctors! So the night was not lacking with eye jokes!

Just a little messy. <3

Yes. Yes. Yes. Another fantastic wedding in the books this year. I’m so glad these two trusted me with their images. I hope I did them justice. <3