missing plate

What an absolute honor it was to be invited in to Sam and Jasmine’s intimate, beautiful wedding. They were surrounded by their very, very favorite people and exchanged their vows in the park just as the sun broke through the clouds. And then everyone wandered over to the local coffee shop for the reception. It was perfect.

You’re radiant, Jasmine. <3

So happy!

She held it together through the whole ceremony, but sometimes it all really hits just a moment after.

Such dear friends.

This little guy is the best.

Such a sweet, welcoming, fun-loving couple. Beautiful inside and out.

Off to the coffee shop! So perfect for the two of them.

Hands down BEST cake I’ve EVER had. And I’ve had a ton of cake. SO GOOD. I’m still craving more. Here’s a link to the baker’s blog! She even posted the recipe! http://www.withgingerblog.com/

That cake, captured mid-air as it bounces off of his face! So fun!

Sam and Jasmine, your wedding was incredible. What a lovely beginning to an amazing marriage. What an honor it is to know you. I hope you spend many, many more warm nights together in coffee shops with the people you love most. <3