smiling sky

THIS. FAMILY. I’ve been faithfully following Ella on instagram for years, so being able to photograph this crew was like a fan-girl moment! I was so excited. And then the weather (oh the weather) rained (or snowed…ahem) us out last week and I freaked out a little bit because I was afraid they’d cancel on me and I wouldn’t get to photograph them! But they stuck it out and made it work!

UM. WHAT. I think this was the point in the session when I yelled “you two are magic!!” Because, well, they are.

But also this little lady. She’s spunky, sweet, and… those dimples! She was SUCH a good sport. At one point, she wrapped up in her daddy’s coat and just sat down right by my feet and didn’t move while I photographed her parents. Almost any other child would have been running around like a crazy chicken, but she was so calm!

I actually went to high school with Robby and Ella! I had one class with each of them! And I’ll just tell you, they’ve always been stunning people. It’s no surprise that they make adorable kiddos!

Robby and Ella… thank you so much for trusting me with a few photos of your sweet fam as you wait for the arrival of your next little one! You’re truly kind humans and you should be SO proud of yourselves as parents. Thanks for bringing extra joy and thoughtfulness into the world, just by being you. <3

And I have to end with this one… because I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw it. Pretty sure she was shouting “And you get a free car! And you get a free car! And you!” 😉