cold teeth

Starting things off with my favorite image! Meet Ricardo and Kirby! They’ve been dating for nearly 7 years. They love watching movies together, and Ricardo actually proposed using all of the movie stubs they’d collected over the years!

An hour before the session I texted Kirby and said, “There really isn’t any snow on the trees anymore, should we reschedule?” What a goober! Look at all that snow! So glad she didn’t listen to me.

APPARENTLY, winter is their favorite season… but as soon as Ricardo hopped out of the car, he said he was freezing cold. So I’m kinda wondering if they lied to me. 😉 But it sure is beautiful!

That’s another fave!

Aww yeah, see that lovely picture right there? Well, take a peek below to see how it happened. 😉 Kirby’s hilarious sister, Kinsey, came along and gladly threw snow at them. We probably did this at least 25 times. Ricardo, if your eyes were damaged by the debris flying straight into them, I’m so sorry! You’re a champ.

Kirby and Ricardo, I’m so happy for you. It was a blast hanging out with you (and Kinsey). I hope you both stay healthy during your crazy work hours this season. It was fun to watch the two of you interact. There’s an ease that comes with being together for so long and it was a joy to capture that. Thank you!