bed socks

I’m alive guys!! I’m surviving the winter and I hope you all are as well! SO excited to be blogging this fun studio session with Tabatha today. She’s a rockstar model and I always love working with her.

Just incase you were wondering… I didn’t have to edit her skin at. all. She is flawless! It’s insane.

Okay, I’ll be honest… through half the session we were joking that the banner I made (I cut and sewed that thing together!) looked like shark teeth about to attack her. What do you think? I love how it turned out, but in real life, it did look a little bit like teeth. Can you see it? Hahaha!

That photo above is definitely my favorite. Her smile lights up the room. I mean, the room was pretty bright and white to begin with… but you get what I mean!! This was probably around the time she started talking about Zac Efron… so it makes sense that it’s one of her biggest smiles from the shoot. 😉

I told Tabatha, if I were rich, I would hire her to be my stylist for every session. Now I can’t stop thinking about it. How fun would that be for senior girls? Or before an engagement session? Hmmmmm….

By the way, if you’re a blog regular… did you notice things look a little different over here now? (On the blog, I mean!) I have so many things up my sleeve for this coming year. Fixing up my site/ blog is always a non-ending project, but let me know what you think of the current set up.

Gah! I love them all. Are you digging the cozy, white vibe? Let me know! And if you’re REALLY digging it, I’m booking some mini sessions at this studio next Saturday (Jan 27th)! The cost is $150. If you’re interested, shoot me a message at and I can give you more information. I would LOVE to see ya there! Wouldn’t that bed be adorable with a couple of kiddos jumping around?
Thanks so much, Tabatha. You’re always a joy to photograph. Thanks for singing along to The Greatest Showman soundtrack, laughing at my absurd jokes, and helping me hang those shark teeth above your head! <3