electric fence

Before this shoot, Jenn messaged me and mentioned that she was hoping for a sweet morning session that would capture a lot of the “in between moments.” I can’t explain how much freedom those 3 little words gave me. Suddenly the session wasn’t all about getting 4 kiddos and a puppy to look at the camera at the same time. One kid doesn’t want to do a certain pose? Perfect, ditch it and move on. These are the types of photographs that get me excited. So thank you, Dykema family, for inviting me over to capture a little bit of real life. Is every shot perfectly in-focus? Probably not. Is every shot frame-worth? Probably not. But as a whole, I think they mean a heck of a lot more. I’m always up for dance parties, group hugs, and some good old fashioned leaf jumping in the backyard. Dykema fam, you mean a lot to me. <3